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The Full Story

Our Story

Tony’s love for airsoft evolved from a way to spend time with his son that started out on a friend’s vineyard. Over the next 6 years, Tony and his son began to play regularly at CQB City in Stockton and he started to work in his off hours as a referee there on the weekends.


Challenge Leads To Inspiration

Tony’s day job was as a Senior Master Certified Technician for Ford in Elk Grove. He loves to fix things and make them better. He began to do side jobs for friends, fixing and upgrading their airsoft guns.

Tony encountered the same challenges that other airsoft enthusiasts in the central valley faced; there was nowhere local to get guns, gear and clothing to play. The nearest retail stores were 50-70 miles away. And if you ordered online, you couldn't hold the guns or see the gear in person.


TNT Airsoft & Customs Is Born!

Tony felt so strongly about the need for a local presence that players could go to, that he, with the support of his family, decided to open TNT Airsoft & Customs. We are a place where everyone from the northern central valley can get to easily and find everything they want for their airsoft needs, including custom work and repairs. Visit us today!

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